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Top Three Reasons to Sell Your Old Car and Buy a New One In 2019

Why are so many people driving new cars this year? Where do people get money to buy a new car with such a rogue economy? How do people sell their old cars to afford a new one?
In this era of social media, everyone wants to boast with their machine. In the past the most admired stories was how car owners managed to keep their vehicles in tip-toe shape after so many years of use and thousands of mileage. Stories of today have changed to why and how car owners sell their cars quick and afford a new one; which is not surprising as we can’t compare the hardiness of the pioneer vehicle models to the vehicles of today.
You will get more than a dozen results when you search scrap my car on Google. If you’ve not been lucky to get a durable car, there’s no reason to fret. In fact, here are top three reasons to join the boat with people scrapping their cars for cash.

Reduced Safety of the Vehicle

You’re better off taking a train than riding in a vehicle you know is not safe on the road. Some older car models with a redundant technology, brake systems, and manufacturing materials pose a great risk. Advancements have been made in car manufacturing that has seen newer models put a greater focus on improved safety. We’re not new to the confession of “I scrap my car for cash” because I didn’t trust it on the road.

Trouble with the Petrol Pump

Economy aside, a car that’s considered a “guzzler” is not lucrative to drive around as it shows you don’t care about the environment. Fuel-efficient vehicles were not arrived at just to make gas affordable; smaller, lighter and more aero-dynamic vehicles also promote environmental equity. These new Eco-friendly engines are recognized for their contribution in helping keep a healthy environment unlike older car models that do the opposite.

Breakdown Nightmares

The older your car model, the higher the probability you have suffered more car breakdowns. Apart from driver-afflicted car injuries, natural wear and tear can also take its toll in any car irrespective of its model. After many years of services, a car that only needed routine maintenance can give you repair nightmares.
The interesting thing is that once you get into the repair rollercoaster, it becomes a domino effect; you fix one issue and another comes up a few days, weeks or months after. This is the point where you need to contact a company in Essex dealing with scrap cars.


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