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    Scrap My Car

    Call scrap my car quickly essex and enjoy an unbeatable price with no hidden costs. We have our own professional vehicle recyclers and expert car breakers, so we make selling a used car easy. We search for the best deal from our reliable scrap car price comparison service, so you are guaranteed to get the highest value for your vehicle. Scrapping  a car essex doesn’t have to be hard – Scrap my car quickly makes car scrapping  as easy as possible!

    Car Scrapping Process

    Our service is quick and hassle free, from instant scrap car prices to free collection. We’ll even take care of the paperwork!

    Get a scrap car quote

    Do you want to learn the full value of your scrap car? At our company, we provide instant online quotes so you can find out the true cash value of your car . Providing some basic information about the car’s condition, car registration number and model will get you an instant quote. Our goal is to give you the best prices, with no annoying hidden fees. Contact us today and get a free online quote!

    Arrange Free Scrap Car collection

    Our scrap car collection company prides itself on being reliable and efficient. We’ll get in touch once you accept the free quote to make sure everything is as convenient as possible. We’ll arrange a mutually agreeable date and time to collect from any location, even if it’s not accessible by a recovery vehicle. To follow the legal regulations, all we need from you is some photo ID so we can scrap your car.

    Get Paid

    After the car has been inspected, we’re happy to offer immediate payment. We transfer money via bank transfer, ensuring a safe, secure process and will not offer cash payments. Due to scrap metals dealers act, our buyers don’t process cash payments for vehicles being recycled or dismantled. In addition, we handle all the official paperwork that needs to be sent to the DVLA and can guide you through when you’ll get your certificate.

    Scrap My Car For These Reasons

    Car scrapping has many benefits, and the condition of your vehicle doesn’t matter since we buy any car.

    • Cars that aren’t running
    • MOT failures
    • salvage or junk cars
    • Rental cars
    • Insurance write-offs
    • Accident-damaged vehicles
    • Trade-in cars
    • Faulty Cars
    • Unwanted Cars

    How much cash for scrap cars

    We understand the importance of getting a fair price when it comes to scrap vehicles and end-of-life vehicles. That’s why we work closely with an expansive network of scrap dealers and vehicle recyclers who are able to not just provide scrap market prices for your end of life vehicles, but often offer much more than this! We are proud to always be able to meet or beat our competitors when it comes to valuing your scrap cars.

    Scrap My Car To Help The Environment

    Not only is scrapping an old car environmentally friendly, it’s also financially beneficial. By scrapping cars, we dispose of waste materials and fluids that can pollute the environment. Car scrapping involves removing hazardous materials like lead-acid batteries, fluids, oils, and brake linings before recycling them. If scrap cars aren’t managed properly, they become a major environmental pollutant. Getting rid of scrap cars responsibly is important for the environment.

    We scrap all makes and models

    With our scrap car dealers & scrap car network, we can get the most for every make & model of scrapped car

    • Audi
    • BMW
    • Citroen
    • Kia
    • Fiat
    • Ford
    • Honda
    • Hyundai
    • Jeep
    • Lexus
    • Mazda
    • Mini
    • Nissan
    • Peugeot
    • Porsche
    • Renault
    • Seat
    • Skoda
    • Suzuki
    • Toyota
    • Vauxhall
    • Volkswagen
    • Volvo

    Scrapping a Car Legally

    The process of scrapping a car legally can be easy if you go to a reputable scrapyard. We’ll get rid of your unwanted vehicle so you don’t have to worry about any legal issues. We just need some ID and paperwork that proves the vehicle belongs to you. Once we get your scrap car, we’ll pay you via bank transfer. We only work with approved authorised treatment facilities that are regulated by local authorities. Once the car scrapping process is completed, they’ll send you a certificate of destruction that’ll remove it from the DVLA’s database!

    Will you pay cash for scrap cars?

    Scrap car dealers know people sometimes look to sell scrap cars for cash payment. Any scrap metal dealers that offers to buy your scrap car for cash is breaking the law. As of 2013, it’s illegal to pay cash for scrap cars to reduce the possibility of stolen metal being traded. The authorised treatment facilities we partner with are government-registered and we make payment instantly to your bank account. You know your car will be properly taken care of when using our scrap vehicle services

    Why Choose Us

    At our scrap car service, we’re passionate about providing unbeatable service to our customers. Besides offering helpful advice and support, we’re also committed to getting you the best price for your old car. With years of experience in the scrap car industry, we deal with thousands of end-of-life cars every year, so you’ll get the best deal when you choose us. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our scrap car collection services and unbeatable customer service!


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