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    Can You Sell A Car Without A Title?

    It is naturally expected that an auto seller will provide the title to their automobile to compete the transaction. Unfortunately, sometimes the seller doesn’t have a title. So what happens in these cases?

    Reasons You May Not Have a Title

    There are certain states where the requirements for selling cars to private buyers include having a car title. You may not be in possession of the title if you took out a car loan and have not been successful in completing payment.
    When you purchase a new car with bank financing or other type of financing, ordinarily you may have the title held until you are able to pay off your debt. But if you decide to sell your car before that, maybe because it has been involved in an accident or for other reason, you will have to deal with the loan holder.

    There are two ways to go about selling your car when you still owe the loan holder. First you can agree with the private buyer to pay you the amount you owe so that the title has been released. The second option is to go for a “scrap my car for cash” option. The choice to sell to an online junkyard will, of course, be highly determined by the condition of the car, and whether the offered price makes sense.

    Selling Your Car When Your Title Is Misplaced, Stolen or Lost

    Wondering how to go about selling your worn-out car whose title has been misplaced, stolen or lost? You don’t have to because there’s usually a common database where every car’s registration information and title is stored.

    If you are selling your car to a private buyer and they demand to see your car registration details, you can request for this from your local motor vehicles department. As this may take time, you can look out for other scrap my car options that are less stressful and will allow you to get your money faster.

    How to Sell a Car That Doesn’t Have a Valid Title?

    If your car is unfit to be on the road then its title may not be valid. Also you may have bought the car without the title, which is not unusual because many car enthusiasts buy cars to fix and then to put them on the road. Unfortunately, this can become problematic when you sell the car.

    There’s no amount of work you can put on a worn-out car that had been declared unfit to be on the road for its title to be valid. The best option when you want to sell such a car is to sell it to a reputable online scrapyard.

    Want To Sell Your Car Faster Without A Title?

    You can still sell your car if you don’t have the title of your car for whatever reason, or you have it but the car has been totaled out and wrecked and therefore the title is not valid.

    Trustworthy scrapyards like will buy your car for cash even without a title. They put no limit to the car’s maintenance issues, condition or age. Since they take the car “as-is,” you won’t have to worry about making repair or cleaning the car prior to selling. And the best part is that they will offer you the best price for the car and that too in cash.


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