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    How to Get Rid of Your Old Car to Scrap Car Buyers

    Nobody wants to get rid of their car until it lays abandoned in their garage for months or even years. If you are wondering how to scrap your old vehicle Read on to find out.

    About 6 million used cars are sold in the UK every year and about 1.5 million are scrapped. The EU has recently issued The End of Life Vehicle Directive that gives new strict environmental regulations on how vehicles should be disposed of. The rules are also aimed at reducing the theft of copper and other metals that has made it difficult for scrap car buyers to pay car owners directly when scrapping their cars.

    So what are your best options for disposing of an old car? And from where can you get the best price? You also need to be sure that the buyer will pay you what you deserve.

    Selling an Old Car is most probably the best place to start from when searching for scrap car buyers.  The online platform is simple to use. You will be asked to enter your car registration and mileage details, and a free valuation will then be done before you are offered a price.

    Selling your car to ordinary scrap car buyers can sometimes be harder if your MOT and tax have run out, you lack proper service history for the vehicle, your vehicle has corroded parts, among other problems. But at, you will still be given the best price whatever the condition your vehicle is in.

    Scrapping Your Car

    The good news for old car owners is that will buy their cars whatever their conditions and they don’t have to worry about finding a buyer.

    You may be asking, how safe are online scrap my car companies? To begin with, you will be given a quick quotion after filling out the quotation form. You can request to see their certificate as a scrap dealer and your money will be deposited to your bank account.

    As per the directive given by the EU, car manufacturers have the sole responsibility for ensuring that vehicles are properly recycled and disposed of for free. Since car manufacturers can’t do the scrapping on their own, they can get in touch with a trustable vendor to do that for them. To ensure that your car has been recycled and has not been exported to a third world country, you will be offered a certificate of destruction after the scrapping is complete.

    To conclude, when selling your car to a car scrapping vendor, ensure that you have identification, such as your driving license or a passport. Also, don’t accept cash payments since most legit vehicle scrappers will transfer money to your bank account.


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