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    How to Avoid Failing a MOT Test and How to Understand That It’s Time to Scrap Your Car

    Every car owner, or most of us, dread the MOT test. This comes as no surprise seeing that one in three cars usually fail this test, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA). While this may add to the dread of booking your car for an MOT, did you know that many of the cars that fail in the test do so as a result for unavoidable problems, such as indicator, hazard light or headlight failures?
    There are simple repairs that you can do to your car before booking it for your MOT. But for some people, the mere thought of car repairs and the likely expenses involved is frustrating. They often ask, “should I scrap my car for cash?” Scrapping your car is the easy way to evade failing your MOT test and getting frustrated with this. However, good preparation will increase your chances of passing the test.

    Preparation for a successful MOT test

    There are simple things you can do to avoid failing your MOT test. To begin with, ensure that all your bulbs; brake, hazard, indicator, rear and headlights are all working properly and replace them if necessary.
    It’s also important to check your tires, keeping in mind that the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm and you may be automatically fined if your tires’ tread depth is under this. Still on the tires, check that they’re not worn out or damaged in any way, and that they have sufficient pressure.
    Other parts to check are your brakes, the steering wheel and hand brakes. There should be no obstruction from your driver’s seat and your wiper blades should be working correctly.
    If you have a special personalized number plate, ensure that it satisfies DVLA requirements; else make sure that your registration plate is readable. Test that your horn is working perfectly. Most importantly, ensure that your VIN number matches that in your log book.

    Is it time to scrap your car?

    Unfortunately, sometimes the decision of “scrapping my car for cash” could be the best one for you instead of facing the MOT test. There are some failures or damages in the car that will be too costly and scrapping to add money, as a new car will actually be more profitable.
    If you’re considering scrapping your car because it has failed the MOT test, then be assured that scrapping online is a hassle-free and easy process.

    Indicators That You Should Scrap Your Car

    If you have an old car that has failed the MOT because of complex problems like brake faults, engine failure or corrosion is it time to scrap it for cash. The costs of repairing these problems will probably more than the car’s worth and getting rid of it is the best decision to make.

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