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    5 Ways to Sell Old BMW’s

    How useful is your old BMW to you when it’s sitting in your backyard and rusting away day by day? Instead of letting your vehicle rot away and diminish in value, it is better for you to sell it as early as possible.

    When you leave your BMW for years without any servicing, many things will happen. Its body will rust, parts will deteriorate, and sometimes you will be left with a car that can’t be started.

    Thankfully, you can make money with your old car even if it’s in a questionable condition, has parts missing or has a deteriorating body. A few options worth your consideration are mentioned below if you’re planning to sell your old BMW for cash.

    Sell Your Car in its Current State

    Selling a car in its current state is a popular trade nowadays. You can simply advertise your car in a local newspaper, gumtree or approach a car dealership to your sell old BMW. In your advertisement, try to notify the potential buyers of every fault with your car that you are aware of. This will ensure that you’re not liable for any fines or charges on the vehicle resulting from the new user’s carelessness.

    Sell to a Local Scrapyard

    There are lots of local scrap yards that will scrap your car but wont pick up your car up from its current location. This means that you will have to transport your car to the scrapyard . This will likely cost you money and alot of these companies are not as reliable as They will pick up your BMW from wherever it is, but will offer you a better price.

    Sell for Scrap

    A BMW has a decent amount of metal in it and you will make a substantial amount of money selling it as scrap metal. If your old BMW is not being used and most of its parts are broken or worn out, you may profit more from selling it for scrap at than selling it to a local scrapyard.

    When selling something for scrap, it’s the metal weight that will govern the price you will be offered. This will work in your favor if you sell old BMW. Some representatives from will come to you and evaluate the car, and will not ask you to separate the metals before they offer you a price.

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